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Name the Chapter of the South African Constitution that guarantees the rights to free press: Education Resource



Name the Chapter of the South African Constitution that guarantees the rights to free press.

The Chapter of the South African Constitution that guarantees the rights to free press.

Freedom of the Press is protected by Section 16 of the Constitution, which states: “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, which includes freedom of the press and other media.”

Section 16 of the Constitution: Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, which includes— (a) freedom of the press and other media; (b) freedom to receive or impart information or ideas; (c) freedom of artistic creativity; and (d) academic freedom and freedom of scientific research.

The South African Human Rights Commission (the Commission) recognises the extreme importance of constitutionally protected press freedom. Under the repressive apartheid regime, preceding South Africa’s Constitutional democracy, freedom of expression, particularly that of the media was severely stifled. This repression occurred in the name of so-called ‘national interests’, particularly to silence opposition toward the racist and unequal policies of apartheid.

Life Orientation Grade 12

Life Orientation Quiz

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Life Orientation Free Study Resources

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isiZulu Stories Reading Books for Kids for free download



Browse and download isiZulu Stories Reading Books for Kids for free. Funny, yet educational Short Stories for kids that will teach them how to read and speak isiZulu fluently. The books may be suitable for Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, and Grade 7.

List of isiZulu Stories Reading Books for Kids for free download

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Career Advice and Help for Matriculants and Tertiary Students in South Africa

Best motivational speech topics for College and High School Students



Best motivational speech topics for College and High School Students: Below topics will guide you to execute the next memorable motivational speech aimed at learners in high schools or colleges.

How to Start Write a Great Motivational Speech for high school students

  1. Quote
    Opening with a relevant quote can help set the tone for the rest of your speech. For example, one that I often use to open a presentation dealing with public speaking:
    “It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.” – Mark Twain
  2. What If” Scenario
    Immediately drawing your audience into your speech works wonders. Asking a “what if” question invites the audience to follow your thought process.
    “What if we were all blunt? How different would our everyday lives be? What would happen if we said what was on our minds, all day every day?”
  3. “Imagine” Scenario
    A similar method, but more relevant for sensational examples.  It puts your audience members directly into the presentation by allowing each member to visualize an extraordinary scenario.
    “Imagine jumping out of a skydiving plane and discovering your parachute doesn’t work. What memories would flash before you? Now imagine the parachute opened. How differently would you act when you landed?”
  4. Question
    Ask a rhetorical or literal question. When someone is posed with a question, whether an answer is called for or not, that person intuitively answers.
    “Who wouldn’t want to live on an exotic island?”
  5. Silence
    A pause, whether two seconds or 10 seconds, allows your audience to sit and quiet down.  Most audiences expect a speaker to begin immediately. An extra pause brings all the attention right where you should want it – on you.
  6. Statistic
    Use a surprising, powerful, personalized statistic that will resonate with the audience to get your message across right away. It has the potential to trigger the audiences’ emotional appeal.
    “Look to your left. Now look to your right.  One of your seatmates will  ___________.”
    “In this room, over 90 percent of us are going to _________.”
  7. Powerful Statement/Phrase
    A statement or phrase can catch the audience’s attention by keeping them guessing as to what you’re about to say next. Implementing the silence technique afterwards also adds to the effect.
    “We can not win.  We can’t win…”
    “… That’s what every newspaper in the country is saying.”

List of Best motivational speech topics for College and High School Students

1. Being a Winner is Great

2. Team Building Activities

3. The Future Awaits

4. Saving the World

5. Being a Better Role Model to our Children

6. Dear Dad, Please Listen to Me

7. Controlling your Tongue

8. Patience

9. Positive Thinking

10. Meditation as a tool

11. Discipline Techniques

12. Being Better Parents/Improving Parenting Skills

13. Understanding Kids During their Teenage.

14. Breaking Habits

15. Charity

16. Goal Setting

17. Effective Leadership

18. Being Confident

19. Inspirational Quotes

20. Effective ways of Communication

More General Topics

1) Girls can ask boys out.

2) There is such thing as friendship between girls and boys.

3) Woman‟s place is at work.

4) Men need protection from feminists‟ attacks.

5) Men shouldn‟t open doors to women.

6) Women should retain their birth names after marriage.

7) Research on male pregnancy should be encouraged.

8) Women in combat weaken armed forces.

9) It is OK for men to cry.

10) Gender roles aren‟t gender requirements.

Speech Topics: Gender Roles

11) Surrogacy should be legalized.

12) Same sex couples should be able to marry.

13) All countries should abandon nuclear weapon.

14) Companies using animal testing should pay higher taxes.

15) Only victims of accidents can use plastic surgery.

16) Professional actors shouldn‟t be allowed to play poker.

17) Leather and fur clothes should be outlawed.

18) Teens should have access to birth control pills.

19) Politics and church should be separate.

20) News writers should never distort the truth to astonish audiences.

21) Empathy should be taught at school.

22) Humor is the best way to resolve conflicts.

23) Social life is more important than academics.

24) Parents should become their kids‟ best friends.

25) Smoking doesn‟t help make acquaintances.

26) Internet kills communication.

27) Codependency is the key to a happy family life.

28) The first impression of a person is always right.

29) Effective listening is more important than talking.

30) Conflicts are necessary for healthy relationships.

31) Teachers‟ pet syndrome is bad for student‟s self-esteem.

32) Students should add their professors on Facebook.

33) Fraternities and sororities are a waste of time.

34) All students should live in the dorm.

35) Sitting at lectures should be optional.

36) Going in for sports should be mandatory.

37) Homework does more harm than good.

38) Junk food should be banned from campus.

39) Extra-curricular activities increase students‟ career prospects.

40) Peer pressure is good for self-development.

41) All is fair in love, war and business.

42) Companies can refuse to hire candidates who smoke.

43) Team building exercises improve employees‟ productivity.

44) Brainstorming helps boost company‟s performance.

45) Companies shouldn‟t copy competitors‟ strategies.

46) Leaving a company to work for a competitor is unethical.

47) Customers‟ critique is the best way to improvement.

48) Inclusive corporate culture increases employees‟ motivation.

49) Dress code is unnecessary for office employees.

50) Diagonal communication is critical for companys performance. 

51) Outsourcing IT departments is ineffective.

52) Innovations should be used carefully.

53) Small towns with local businesses shouldn‟t let big corporations (IKEA) in.

54) Governments shouldn‟t give bailouts to bankrupt businesses.

55) All businesses should have pages on social networks.

56) MBA degree doesn‟t guarantee business success.

57) All businesses should go green.

58) SOPA and PIPA can‟t stop online piracy.

59) Poor leadership is the main cause of business bankruptcy.

60) Energy drinks are a promising business niche.

61) China is a new economic superpower.

62) English should remain an international language for business.

63) Outsourcing call centers to India cuts costs but reduces the quality of services.

64) The European debt crisis can affect US small businesses.

65) All countries should use the same currency.

66) The European crisis shows that globalization is a bad idea.

67) The International Monetary Fund (IMF) shouldn‟t give loans to economically challenged countries.

68) The Poverty Reduction and Growth program from IMF and World Bank is ineffective.

69) The immediate debt cancellation for the poorest countries is unjust.

70) Britain won’t leave the eurozone.

Topics on Nursing

1. Placebo treatments should be used in medicine.

2. Nurses shouldn‟t be allowed to end lives of suffering patients.

3. Governments should encourage more men to become nurses.

4. Spouses shouldn‟t have the right to remove the feeding tubes (Terry Shiavo case).

5. More funding should be devoted to the prevention and treatment of Hepatitis C.

6. Elderly people should be allowed to have cardiac surgeries if they want to after they are informed on the potential risks.

7. Religion vs. medicine: Jehovah‟s Witnesses can‟t be induced to undergo treatment.

8. Vacuuming is critical for eliminating asthma triggers.

9. Proper pain management should be made available to everyone.

10. Understaffed hospitals can‟t be blamed for the lower quality of care.

Questions and Answers

My Courses has a large Questions and Answers repository for the most popular High School and Tertiary Schools subjects. This comes in handy when doing your revision or preparing for exams, tests, research tasks, and assignments.


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How to write a Motivational Speech for High School Students



This page provides a guide on how to write a Motivational Speech for High School Students including Grade 12, Grade 11 and Grade 10. You will see examples of speeches that you can use as a guide to your learners:

Example of motivational speeches for students free download

Motivational Speech about life: example

Motivational Speech Presentation

I am a Medical Doctor at ADT Medicals, an organization that is dedicated to excellence and helping people to be the best that they can be.

Everybody wants to be happy in life. We all want to live a perfect life. We want that great job or a successful business. We want to be married to Mr. Right or Mrs Perfect. We want to have great kids. We want to have friends that stick by us come rain or shine. We want to be able to have all the material things life has to offer and have all our problems just disappear.

Everybody wishes for good life. It may be at different levels. One person may define a good life one way and another may describe it another way. For one person a good life may be just having three meals a day and a roof over their head. For another it may be having a huge mansion and a couple of million dollars in the bank.

There are different levels and meanings to what a good life is. But whatever you definition of it, there is perhaps one thing that you may have in common with many other people. You might want that good life stress free. You would like to have it without having to work so hard or struggle so much for it. That is a normal human expectation. Nobody likes to struggle through life.

Unfortunately, that is also what may be stopping you from having that great life. The thought of all that work, all that planning, overcoming hurdles and resistance is enough to make a lot of people give up before they even start. It can all seem too overwhelming, and for many it all just doesn’t seem be worth it. It’s like being drained of energy just at the thought of running a marathon. Before you are even at the starting line the thought of all that running just scares you and tires you so much mentally you just decide not to go for it. It’s just too hard.

One of my favourite books is titled “The Road Less Travelled” by M. Scott Peck. The first sentence in the book is:

“Life is difficult.”

Now, if you pick up a book and the first thing it tells you is “life is difficult” you may just think “is this book going to get reassuring and encouraging after such a start?

But, as Peck goes on to explain, once you accept that life is hard, it no longer becomes an issue that it’s difficult. He says:

Once we know that life is difficult- once we truly understand and accept it – then life is no longer difficult.”

In life you will have difficulties getting anything you want. It is very rare to get anything in life without some degree of effort. Only if you win the lottery will you have everything without effort, and even then you would have had to go out and buy the lottery ticket anyway so it’s not free at all.

Life is hard – your boss will not always be the nicest person in the world. Your job will have challenges that you did not foresee. Your workmates will sometimes be a pain. You won’t always get the salary and recognition that you want and deserve at work. Your clients may not be the nicest people in the world.

Life is hard – your kids won’t always be the ideal kids you want them to be. Your wife or husband may not be as perfect as you thought they were when you married them – in fact I can guarantee you they are not. Your home may not be the ideal place you would want it to be. You may not the perfect wife or husband that you once thought you were.

Life is hard – running a business is not as easy as you thought it would be. No one is lining up to bring money to your business, even though you are a really nice person and your business has great products to offer.

I could go on and on with these examples, but the bottom line is that “Life is hard.”

I don’t mean to say in all this that you don’t deserve a break. I am not saying that you are not justified in thinking that you deserve more than what you have gotten from life and the world to this point.

I am not saying that you are not justified in feeling the way that you feel. I know you have had it tough at times. I know that at times you feel that it’s all very confusing and just too hard. I mean you have worked very hard. You’ve done all that you possibly could in your life whether it is at work or at home. But things just don’t seem to have worked out as well as you had planned or hoped. It all just seems to have gone wrong and you don’t know or understand how or why.

But that’s okay. It’s normal. That’s what being human is all about. That’s what life is all about. Life is hard. Accept that.

Once you do, you will feel better about your circumstances. Then you won’t think of your situation as anything but what is common to every human being. Then you will think of your situation as a part of life. You will no longer beat yourself up about how bad things are or how you are not doing so well in one area or another. You will realise that you are only human. You make mistakes just like everybody else. You are not perfect just like everybody else.

But don’t stop there. Accepting that life is hard does not mean that you accept every circumstance and simply go with the flow.


Motivational Speech for Learners Example 2

Good evening, Members of the Institute, MPA 9 students, Ladies and gentlemen,

I am very pleased to be speaking to you today on behalf of the MPA Alumni.
I hope that you feel as excited as I am to be part of this great moment. I’d like to draw your attention for a few minutes to share with you how important this day is to all of us.

I was asked by FHR to do a motivational speech and asked myself why, because I didn’t graduate with a distinction, I had an overall score of 7.6; and saw my name only once on the grades cup (that’s a cup where you get your name printed on, every time you score the highest grade for an exam), It is something to look forward to. To be honest, I only scored a high grade that time because the class really liked the professor. I could be restless in class, asked all kinds of questions and I liked to have fun.

Than I thought about the fact that I never had to do a resit for an exam, I was always driven and tried to study very hard (despite the fact that I didn’t always keep to the “4 hours study a day” rule of Mr. LiMaPo). In my mind I went back to my graduation day, March 29th 2014, an exciting day that finally came. That day I fell, and hit my head badly around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I was rushed to the emergency room with deep cuts and bruises on my forehead. We had to be at the institute at 5 0’clock for our graduation pictures (I’m not in any of them…)

I called Charissa, our program manager, and told her that I would still attend the ceremony in time to do the graduation speech. Yeah, I was the one who was scheduled to do the graduation speech and it had to be me in the emergency room. I left the emergency room at 6, hurried over to my house, applied make- up on only half of my face and rushed to FHR with 4 bandages on my head to do my speech.

If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is.

I was determined to do the speech on behalf of my fellow students. While lying in the emergency room I thought about all I had worked for, all my efforts, the late nights, the example that I wanted to set for my kids, the money I paid my babysitter. I also thought about the mentors, the professors who effortlessly tried to develop our/my professional skills trigger our intellect, let us speak our mind so they could have a better sense on how to guide us through their lectures. I thought about Mr. LiMaPo, a brilliant mentor, who effortlessly was involved in every lecture, every grade and supplied us with apples. “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”.

Do you know that when we came in late for a lecture, we had to pay a fee? And that our class-elder, who happened to be a woman, could easily function in the military as a sergeant. That we had different personalities in class, annoying students, funny, bold, quiet, nerdy, super intelligent, or just the know it all. Please look forward to all of that. Look around you; these are going to be not only your friends or colleagues, but also your source of inspiration to achieve your goals…. your TEAM!

TEAM stands for: “Together Each Accomplishes More”, and that’s exactly what will have to happen. Not only will you be working individually but also in groups where you will have the challenge to bring together different kinds of people with different perspectives to participate in one subject, remember “None of us is as smart as all of us”.

Education is the core for our society and human beings. It runs like a highway through our lives. It takes us from early years learning, through primary and secondary school, to tertiary education and life-long learning of skills and knowledge. For every person, education provides the skills for better employment, improved health, life opportunities, welfare and wellbeing.

Today, you are taking a new step into a world where higher education is undergoing rapid and dramatic transformation. We live in an era when knowledge is growing in importance in addressing the world’s most pressing problems, when technology promises incredible possibilities, when global forces increasingly shape our lives and work, when traditional intellectual fields are shifting and converging, and when public expectations and demands of higher education are intensifying.

An educated workforce will allow us to effectively pursue our goals, Visions and missions of our people, organizations and societies. So education is in our society’s best interest. I cannot stress enough the important role the LiMaPo institute has in further educating our people. This is something we all have to support and that is why you’re here today. So make sure that you grow, change, learn, while inspiring others to do so too.

Confucius once said: “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”
I hope your time at FHR changes your life. It certainly changed mine. It may get difficult at times but keep going; it will be well worth it in the end. Good luck with your studies and have fun.

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