RMI Approved Car Service Workshops in Polokwane

RMI Approved Car Service Workshops in Polokwane: RMI Approved Car Service Workshops in Polokwane: There are many approved and reliable workshops in Polokwane areas that are fully accredited by the RMI: Retail Motor Industry Organisation.Servicing your car at an RMI Approved dealership or workshop will always be cheaper than the original car maker dealership.

Polokwane RMI Approved Car Service Workshops

In Polokwane there are many RMI Approved Car Service Workshops. Always know that it is absolutely important to your car’s health as well as your financial health for you to form a relationship with a Car Service/Mechanic Workshop. Working with the same Workshop throughout your car’s life lets them to know your car, its full history, and its individual quirks. This can make troubleshooting easier and help your mechanic quickly hone in on just the right solution.

Car maintenance is a mystery to many vehicle owners, but getting familiar with the basics can help to ensure that your car remains in tip top shape. Never hesitate to ask for help if you have any questions or confusion.

Get a Quick Quote for Major or Minor Car Service in Limpopo from RMI Approve Workshops

Regal Fleet Services Cc25 Natrium StreetPolokwane015-293-1793
Lappies Auto And Repairs70 Tamsen StreetPolokwane014-717-3563
S A S37 Corundum StreetPolokwane074-084-8081
Car Service City – Polokwane29 Nikkel StreetPolokwane084-240-3358
Polokwane Truck And Car52 Emerald StreetPolokwane015-065-0534
Kabamakgopa Engineering Drives71 Platinum StreetPolokwane015-293-0211
Intertune157 WelgelegenPolokwane015-297-6925
F & R Catai Transport Solution…70 Foster StreetPolokwane015-293-1086
Lalatladi43 Corundum StreetPolokwane015-151-0106
Ottos Diesel Centre41 – 19 StreetPolokwane015-297-0532
Marce Projects Pty Ltd73 Silicon StreetPolokwane015-293-1755
Limpopo Fleet ServicesShop 7 – 21/23 6Th StreetPolokwane015-004-0311
Matira Engineering Solutions7 Natrium StreetPolokwane015-293-2116
Pro Service Centre8 Rupee StreetPolokwane015-292-1872
Mmasenelo Auto ClinicMakwalaneng Net ToPolokwane079-106-1397
Autofix Service Centre – Polok…54 Bok StreetPolokwane015-291-5720
Hk Auto Repairs94 D Market StreetPolokwane015-297-0157
Groblers Motor Mecca Pty LtdPlaas MooketsiPolokwane015-395-2112
Nchacqa Plant Equipments Pty L…295 Molapi ParkPolokwane014-718-4030
Limpopo Midas10 Grobler StrPolokwane015-291-3344
Zanna Motors82 Pietersburg RoadPolokwane015-293-1294
Park Motors59 President Paul Kruger StrPolokwane015-295-8984
Pietersburg Motor & Diesel43 Lood StreetPolokwane015-293-1237
Pietersburg Diesel Centre4 Devenish StreetPolokwane015-297-3332-3
Polokwane Heavy Duty Transmiss…Blaauwberg & Doloriet StreetPolokwane015-293-0553
Mosemo Trading1208 Ga-Thoka VillagePolokwane082-936-2067
Klasique Mechanical Workshops40 Lood StreetPolokwane078-521-3284

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